Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi, I'm Little Bit and I am blogging on my mom's blog today.

I have lived here about one week and I love this place!!  They mostly do everything I want them to do.

This is my new luggage.  I think it looks like a designer bag, don't you?

My mom said I needed it for all my wonderful travels with her and my papa.  She said we would take car rides and everything.  I love to explore.

Today's trip was to meet a couple of special people. People that my mom thinks will be important in my life.
The first person was my vet, Dr. Liz, and she just cuddled me and loved me and told me I was so cute!
She also said I was very tiny for my age -- that would be 16 weeks.  She said most Yorkies this age are almost twice as big as I am.  I only weigh 2.2 lbs.
She is embarrassing me looking at all my "special" parts.  Oh, well, a girl just has to endure it.

Dr. Liz was very nice to me, but she did give me a couple of shots and one of them hurt and I yelped.  My mom said "It will be okay".  Well, maybe it will and maybe it won't...she wasn't the one to get the needle in her neck.

After I met with Dr. Liz, Mom said I was going to meet Miss Debbie.  She is the groomer.  Mom told her I was a "matted mess" and I needed cleaning up.  The very idea!  Here is what I looked like.

Now, just tell me, don't you think my long hair is pretty?  It is a little curly and I think it is cute.

I don't think mom and the groomer agreed with me so Miss Debbie made me look like this.  Which do you like?  Long hair or short hair?
As you can see I am in the laundry room.  Yes, my mom is with me.  I have to oversee that she does the laundry correctly.  After all my blanket and quilt are in the load in the dryer.
I am watching her sort another load. . .
After 3 loads I want to know "are we finished yet?"  I want to go do something more fun like play with my Snoopy dog.
Snoopy and I are watching mom cut up fabric strips for the kits she is taking to retreat this week.  Wish I could go with her.
I will just stay home and hold on to Snoopy and keep Papa company.
She is still cutting fabric.  I am just going to rest my head on Snoopy.
She just said it wouldn't be much longer and we could go outside.  I love it outside.

I need to say bye now,  I think Mom wants to write a "real blog" about quilting and stuff.

-little bit   (i belong to sandi)


  1. I love it! Such a cutie pie. Don't you just wonder what they are thinking when they give you those "looks". There are times I think I know exactly what they would say to me if they could talk, but others make me wonder. Hope you have a great day and a great retreat.

    1. Thanks, I do wonder what she is thinking. Her face is so expressive.

  2. She is SO ADORABLE and your post made me smile SO BIG!!! I loved her long hair...but she is just too cute with a pixie cut as well. I'm sure now that she's in your tender lovin' care...she'll catch up in size to her big 'should' she get when full grown. I just think she's a DOLL!

    1. Lynn, she will weigh about 4 lbs at maturity. She was the runt of the litter. We are in love with her, obviously.

  3. Oh, Sandi...that Little Bit is such a sweet baby! Love that you're writing your blog from her point of view. She'll miss you when you're gone at the retreat. Too bad you can't taker her along but I'm sure Pappa will take good care of her.

    1. I wouldn't get much done if I did take her to Retreat. She is too much fun to play with. She and Papa have become fast friends. He has been "practicing" everything with her the last couple of days so that they can manage when I am away. LOL

  4. Oh my gosh you are adorable.... And Lit'l bit I like the shorter look....

    1. I can't wait for you to see her in person, Sharon!

  5. What a lucky puppy to be living with you and "Papa." Can't wait to see her.

    I hope she will take over the supervision of your quilting.