Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Quilt Con 2013 is in the books.  It was the first time I had met so many modern quilters in one place; the first time I had spent so much time with my local quilty buddies; the first time I had the chance to chat informally with so many "notables" in one place; and the first time I had ever been in Austin!  Wow, that is a lot of firsts.

Meeting so many modern quilters from all over the world was so entertaining and informative.  All of us were so enthusiastic and excited to be together.
This is the Best in Show Ribbon that went to Victoria Findley Wolfe for this gorgeous quilt.
This is Victoria standing with her quilt. 
Another important entry in the show was from Chattanooga's very own Jean Larson whose piece was hung in the collection of Small Quilts/ Use of Negative Space.
Isn't that a great piece?  I just love it!!  Congratulations, Jean!!!!
We are all proud of you for getting a quilt hung in this first show of Modern Quilters.
And, of course, being with these wonderful gals from Chattanooga made the whole adventure that much more fun.
This is Gayle, Ava, Pam, and me.  I think Jean was taking the picture and I think Janet was still in class.

Now, we have located Jean for a picture in Moda's Bake Shop and Janet is still AWOL.
This was a marvelous, fun four days!!!!