Friday, February 1, 2013


Today is my daughter's birthday!!!  This is the most special day in my life!  I remember waiting for her for a long time and when she finally came it was love at first sight.

She had the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest little smile.  It still thrills me to see her face.  There is a natural beauty that comes from the inner soul of a woman of grace.

It has been a few years now since her arrival and we have shared many wonderful times and things.   We have not always agreed on matters, but we have always ended with "I love you."

I have always loved this little mug that she gave me.  I always wanted her to know that I was that soft spot for her to land on when she needed it.  The other thing I hope I have taught her is there is no limit to what one can do.  Just set your goals and go for it.  I am watching her teach her children the same things.

She has proven many times how strong and persevering she is.  She is a highly respected businesswoman in her field and has recently enjoyed another promotion.  She continually sets goals for herself and works until she  accomplishes them.

No matter how successful she is in business, I know that her first priority is her family.  She has two wonderful boys who are growing into fine young men under her tutelage.  Her husband is one of the most caring, giving men you would ever want to have for a role model for your grandchildren.  Together they are building a strong family relationship that will carry these boys into their futures with confidence.  She gives her all when it comes to teaching her children and caring for her family.

So, today, Happy Birthday, Heather!!  I love you so much!

                                                -mom, aka sandi