Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There is nothing more fun than getting together with quilting buddies.  I know I have said this over and over,  but I am always inspired when I am with ladies who think about quilting the way I do.

Since I am part of a lot of different sets of quilters, I am constantly inspired.

Join me for the Show and Tell from yesterday's Piecemakers Bee.  I affectionately call these gals "The Pbees".  I have a knack for coming up with acronyms or abbreviations that just sound good to me.

Phyllis showed us this beautiful two-color quilt.  She has been quilting for only a few years and it is wonderful for me (her first quilt teacher) to see her progress on each quilt she does.

Her choice of scrappy blue fabrics makes this such a refreshing quilt.
Linda decided to do this really cute baby quilt and this time she chose to quilt it herself on a domestic sewing machine.  She chose to use a pre-printed pantograph on tissue paper.  She said that it was fun to do after she got the hang of it.  "By the time I was on the last row I wasn't as worried about staying exactly on those little dots", said Linda.
Here is the back of Linda's Caterpillar quilt.
Several of us in this little group have been working on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt project.

Today Carol brought her finished top so we could all offer input on borders.We all loved it, but Carol wanted to tone down the green.  We auditioned several fabrics for an inner border and finally settled on a purple.  She is going shopping and then next month we will see it with the inner and outer borders.
Sandy is still working on her darling baby quilt and I am sorry I did not get any pictures of her finished blocks.  Sorry, Sandy, I will do better next month.
This month is Linda's birthday.  My contribution was to make her a quilt to celebrate.
These are the colors that Linda likes to use in her Log Cabin home.  I decided to use a non-traditional setting for this very traditional block.
No meeting of quilty buddies would be complete without the Bit being in charge.  She absolutely loves it when "the girls" are coming for quilt days.

Hope you enjoyed out little "quilt show".  Until next month. . .




  1. wonderful and yes quilting friends are the best to share with.

  2. How fun to share everyone's quilts! I enjoyed the show. (As I always do~ ~ )