Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I only have one finish to show for this week.  I finally quilted my Modern Mystery Quilt that was designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr and was offered by AQS on their website.
This is the palette I chose.  I used Kona gray with some brights from my stash.

I love seeing the light shine through the quilt top before it is quilted.  Of course, every seam shows this way!
This is not the best photo of this piece but it will have to do for this post.  I plan to hang this in my family room in this orientation.
Thought I would include a photo of the back.  Another way to use up some of my old stash.  Just keep clearing it out!
I rigged up this clothes line thingy on my upper back deck so I could hang quilts for photographing.  Well, it doesn't work the best sometimes.  Like here, the light makes the front of the quilt show through.  Although, I think that little shadow is kinda interesting.

Another project I am working on is for my grandson.

The beginnings of another gift quilt.  Is this just the sweetest palette?
No in-progress post would be complete without showing work on my Hexie quilt.
I have these three units just about ready for this next round on the Hexie piece.
See how these are going on?
Then, of course, there are my socks!  Well, I have made some pretty good progress but I hit a snag and put it on hold for a few days until I can talk to my mentor/friend, Linda, to figure out what I need to do differently.  It just does not seem like it is right//!!

A few other things I have been doing are some sketching of landscapes and working on a design for a quilt for another grandson. 

"I will take charge of the remote while you sew, Mom!"




  1. Sandi I love that your are so multi-tallented! It is a blessing and a curse at the same time because there are so many things to work on that sometimes it's hard to choose which one today! All of your projects are moving along so well. I envy you your progress!

    1. Thanks, Anna. Sometimes I do meet myself coming and going. I try to keep things organized with some kind of deadline but every now and again something falls through the cracks.

  2. Very cute pics...I got to see your beautiful quilt in person and it is even lovelier! No I only have the one retreat but I am afraid to say I have definite plans, even though I do, something will happen so let's not even talk about it,k? Your hexie is coming along wonderful and I course the "bit" is just as precious as she ever to you soon

    1. Ok, Sharon, I am following your logic here. Great idea!