Friday, March 1, 2013

Color Palette for Springtime Garden Runner


I loved this palette when I discovered it on Pantone's website.  I could hardly wait to make something with this as my inspiration..

Somewhere I had seen this block and had made a sketch in my Ideas Journal thinking I would use it at some later date.  In order to not lose the flavor of the block, I made this mock-up block from some scraps of fabric I had in a drawer.  I had saved it for a future project.  Many times I will make up a block or a couple of blocks so I don't lose my idea and then set them aside to come back to when I am ready to make a quilted item.
Later I was contacted to do a Workshop for a group of ladies.  The Workshop was scheduled for this spring and I decided to use this block as the focus of the workshop.
This Workshop is a techniques workshop designed to teach two ways to do Flying Geese; using Prairie Points in the body of the quilt; and finishing off the quilt with straight-line quilting on the home sewing machine.
There are options in this workshop.  One could make four blocks for a wall hanging; make one block for a small table topper; or make a runner.
My version is an oversized runner that I have turned into a valance for the double window in my breakfast room.  Perhaps I will make a couple more blocks and finish them off as matching place mats.
This is not a very good picture.  The black/white background fabric gives it a little modern twist.




  1. I saw this in person on Thursday...and it is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, BJ! It was good to see you Thursday evening.

  2. Hi Sandi I love this and it will look awesome in your breakfast area....very pretty

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I am waiting to put it up after I teach the Workshop in a couple of weeks.