Friday, March 22, 2013


Four wonderful, excited women gathered for a 3-day Workshop.  Lots of laughing and sharing went on as we worked on our projects.

Day 1 was spent making small flying geese using a traditional method of half-square triangles.  These were combined with four patches and we had some wonderful Bear's Paw blocks.

 Then, we learned how to use Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler to make larger flying geese for the borders around our medallion center blocks.

Gayle chose some lovely modern fabric lines to make her blocks.  These make me think of springtime picnics.  I can just hear the birds singing!

You can clearly see the larger Bear's Paws that formed when the borders were added.  Jan's choice of Civil War fabric with cream gives this a much softer look.

This is Jane's blue and cream choice to coordinate with her blue/cream draperies in her dining room.  By using the variety of blue prints, she gave some real energy to her piece. 

Linda chose black as her background fabric.  Wow!  that just makes the red and greens pop.  She also chose to change the direction of her outer flying geese and turned this into a beautiful almost 3-D look with a Square-in-a-Square variation.

Each lady's personality was quite evident.  It is always fun for me to see what choices for fabrics the students make as they prepare for a class.  I really get to know who they are as they make their projects.  Some will follow the sample I provide exactly and others will personalize it to make it their own.

When I look at this display, I immediately associate each lady's smile and style to her blocks.  Sometimes you see a bit of personality emerge that is not always evident when you are simply having a conversation.  The photos are always such a fun reminder to me of the wonderful folks I meet when I teach.

Here is the sample they were given to introduce them to the project.

What a wonderful three days!!!  I was unable to get pictures on Day 3 since I left my camera at home.  <SOB>

Maybe I will get the opportunity to photograph their completed projects later and share them with you then.




  1. Had a great time, have three new friends, and learned so much from you! Thanks, Sandi!


    1. I am so glad you came, Gayle! It was fun for me, too.
      It always makes me happy when folks learn something new.