Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I have been working on a quilt top as a gift and it is due next month.  I had so many extra parts and pieces left:

that I decided to make a pieced back so I could use up all of this "girly" pastel-like fabric.  Maybe this will be an attempt at de-stashing.

It started with

combining a few units.

Then I put some units with more units

Now I have some bigger units.

Tried combining these to see what it would look like.
Okay, by now I am seeing lots and lots of seams.  Wonder how that is going to work when I start quilting it.  I was planning to quilt this on my mid-arm.  Ummm, don't know about that.

I kept working and working and working. . .

Now I have two large "panels" and the light bulb came on!  This is going to be another top!! 

  I am thinking I need to do a traditional back and piece 2 or 3 fabrics together and call it done for the original top.  Then get it quilted and wrapped!

I started a third panel and when I have it all put together  I will then decide how I want to assemble it.  It is reaching 60" x 70". 

This could be my first attempt at Quilt As You Go.  Will just have to see.  I am not sure if these panels are too large to handle as QAYG or not.  Back to doing some more research!!  Give me any tips you might have about this.

 I have had so much fun with Improv!!!  Thanks Joe Cunningham, Gwen Marston, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe for your inspiration!




  1. The "making it up as you go" is fun....a little scary at times, but fun. I like the big panels that are turning into another (surprise!) top.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Pretty colors, too.