Wednesday, June 12, 2013


There is nothing more fun than getting together with friends and visiting and doing quilting and/or crafting projects.  Two friends, Sharon and Linda, and I get together monthly and do just that.  Usually we work on our own selected projects, but a couple months ago Sharon suggested we all do the same project and see the different results.  Linda suggested we make floor quilts.  I had seen these at various quilt shows and had bought a book while I was at the AQS Show in Paducah with the intention of making a rug for my kitchen floor.  Linda had another book that she thought was a good source so we went with that book as our guide.

Linda was our fearless leader and led us through the steps to create our "rugs" called Floorquilts.
We had our Show and Tell in Linda's Studio.

On the left is my version of a fairly traditional Rail Fence with a little improv addition of some circles of flowers and strips;  Sharon is in the center with her lasagna strips where she added some rectangles for interest; and on the right is Linda with her beautiful Layered Circles of Kaffe Fasset fabric on a black background.  This was a fun project that we spread out over two months.

We are experiencing a bittersweet time right now, the three of us.  When we arrived at Linda's studio yesterday the For Sale sign was up on her lawn.  She and hubby are moving back to Florida.  We will really miss her!!  She has so much talent and expertise to share and I don't think I have had enough time to learn all I want to learn from her.  Besides, she is such a sweet friend!!

We will continue to get together until she must leave and continue to count each gathering a special blessing.



  1. They did turn out wonderful Sandi and they were allot of fun to make. You are correct in that Linda is a very dear friend and we will miss her but hopefully there will be times we can connect at certain events so I will keep that in mind. As far as the SS goes well we can ponder on that one but for now I agree we will just enjoy the get together's that are still going to happen and ponder about the rest later...sound good to you? Have a great day!