Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I painted this room about 5 years ago and I was madly in love with this mint green.  It was so fresh and soothing.  Now, not so fun anymore.  I want a fresh, new look.

So, here goes, I am going to paint my Living Room during the next two weeks.  No, this room is not huge, I am just slow at painting.  I know it will require two coats because I am using a grey color, called Ice Cube.  I will give updates as I go along.

Here are the two samples I painted on the existing wall.  I am using the top one.

Okay, now the ladder is out and the drop cloth is ready.  Now I will just start painting.  I am starting on the wall with the bookcases and fireplace because I think that is the most difficult wall to paint.

Lil Bit is in position on the sofa to do the supervising!  Of course, she dozes a lot while I am working.

I am working on a new quilty project to hang in this room when the painting is finished.


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