Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My hubby is always going to yard sales and estate sales.  He brings home some very interesting things from time to time.

This week he came home with this big plastic bag with "some kind of quilting stuff"  in it.

It sat on the chair for a few days until I had time to really open it up and inspect it.

There were these motifs that probably came as a panel.
It is from Cranston Print Works Co. and called "Picture Book Patches".

Included are pre-cut squares of batting and backing fabric.
Sashing fabric . . .


These little squares cut apart. . .
There are several blocks already sandwiched together.  It is a polyester batting and the maker is using two layers of batting and then a backing.


These are hand quilted in a Quilt As You Go style.  I think they are really interesting and my guess is they are from the 80s.

A quilter who didn't get her project finished . . .

This will be a package that we re-sell. 

It is fun to see these things and get to guess what the quilt maker had in mind.





  1. Sandi there was a time when there were a multitude of these "book" panels that you could buy. They were used to make baby gifts so baby would have some soft toys to play with.

    1. Thank you for your explanation, Anonymous. So, I am wondering. . . These do not seem to be baby topics, would people make little books or pillows for their homes??