Monday, August 26, 2013


is a pattern designed by the late Mary Ellen Hopkins.  It is a great play on secondary patterns.

I made my first one at the first quilt retreat I attended many years ago.  After that I made several more because I was intrigued with the pattern.

I just came across these two pictures and wanted to share them.

The fabrics for this one are inspired from the black focus fabric.  I think the quilt center appears to have triple layers of depth because of the extra wide borders.  The pale green fabric lets those blocks float a little in the overall design of the quilt.

The next one is very different.

It is a little messier looking.  The floral/fruit focus fabric does not make the secondary blocks show up with clarity.

It is always interesting for me to go back and look at some of my older creations and then to analyze the design principles.  Sometimes I have blurred the lines of good design.  This piece clearly forces the eye to focus on the primary design blocks.

My current work is less fussy and getting to be more minimalist with very clean lines.

This piece has a certain degree of depth, but very strong negative space.  There is little to no secondary pattern developing in this piece.


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