Monday, September 16, 2013


I found this really neat old sewing rocker at a neighborhood yard sale.  I have had it for a few years and kept trying to decide how I wanted to re-do her.

She was pretty ratty looking . . .

Take a look at this seat cushion . . .
It is very water stained and paint splattered and faded out . . .

Today I decided to make a seat cushion cover. 

First I chose some bright fabrics to use.

Cut a bunch of strips in random sizes.
Now start sewing . . .
I am thinking Improv and Quilt As You Go.
I chose a variegated thread to use on the reds, oranges, and yellows.
I love this thread!  It has red/gold/orange/and pink. 

The other thread I chose is a rayon Madeira thread in a luscious green color.

Since I was going to do QAYG I chose to press the batting and the backing together so they would better adhere to each other.  I did not use a fusible batting, though.  I just wanted them to stick together by static cling.

I started by placing the first square off-center and then building it like a log cabin block and using straight line quilting all along the strips.

The seat cover is complete.  Now I will simply staple it onto the cushion frame.

The next step:  paint the rocker itself.  What color do I choose?  Black, Grey, White??

I finally settled on Black with a matte finish.  Actually, it was already in the cabinet in the garage and there were 3 full cans.  So, I thought, just use it!

Hubby suggested I put it up on the tailgate of his work truck.  He wasn't worried about any paint spray and there was no wind today.  That was a good thing. 

As you can see it is some bad shade of brown.

First coat of spray went on.

It is already looking good.  I am not very patient with spray paint and often get in such a hurry that I have runs.  Today I was going to be patient and diligent . . . so I decided to make the project not seem so long and drawn out, I cleaned my studio in between coats of paint.  That will be another post later.

She is finished and I love the paint job.  And no runs!!

Now on to getting the cushion put on.

We do not have an electric stapler so Hubby helped with getting the staples in the back.

Not such a pretty sight from this side . . .

However. . .

My improv seat cover.  I love it!

Now to put cushion and rocker together. . .

These first pictures were made outside and the sun was so bright it distorted the colors of the cushion.

Brought it inside to take another picture. . .

That is much better . . .

And this one is the best.  Lil Bit is not too sure about the rocking part of the rocking chair.  LOL  Just look at that mouth!!




  1. That is so great looking! Love your color choices. They say you should always have a shot of black in a room to make the room really sing.
    I have to click on your posts and back to FB right away or FB makes me start over so I read your posts later! I like to get to near where I came in on FB otherwise I will be on there too long.

    1. Thank you Reena, I have heard that about a shot of black myself.
      Sorry you have trouble navigating back and forth. I will message you with another possible solution.