Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I tried another technique that is included in the description of what makes a quilt modern.  One of the characteristics can be Pixel or Pixelation.  Many times the squares used for this are extremely small and one must stand back several feet to see the image emerge.

I took the idea of working in a pixel style and enlarged the squares to finish at 2 inches.

Using a pic from some one's Pinterest page as my guide, I began putting my piece together.  This originally was published in "Inspiration for Precuts" and used 5 inch squares. 

I started by graphing what I wanted and used my colored pencils to do a little color selecting.

After I "built" each component, I used straight line quilting.

I also chose to do this Quilt As You Go method.  In these shots you can see the three layers are together and quilted.

I used another sketch to get a look at what I thought I would see when I used straight line quilting.  In the final rendition I opted to only quilt the background.

Lil Bit is seeing if it "measures up" to her standards!!

I think she approves!!

This piece measures 18.5" x 37".




  1. that dog is adorable. Very nice work Sandi- I would never do any pixels smaller than 2" I think. Remember those "watercolor" quilts? So far I have avoided doing one...

    1. I never did a watercolor quilt either, Reena. I am going to try another pixel using 2" unfinished squares. This will then be a finish at 1.5". Then my next endeavor is to make one that has a finished size of 1". I may change my mind after the second one.