Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I made this t-shirt quilt for my older grandson about 6 years ago when he finished the fifth grade.  It was a gift from his parents and me.

This was a little on the edge of Modern Quilt because I did not cut each block to the same size and obviously did not line them up in exact, same size rows.  I attempted to get the outside edges reasonably straight.
I chose to cut the logos and get them ready for assembly by laying them all out and then adding whatever size sashing was needed to get them to fit together in something of a rectangular form.
The back of this quilt has a tiger stripe fabric because this is the boy/young man who has talked of being a vet for a long time and wanted to attend Auburn University to get that degree.
He is a senior this year and it appears that he will get his wish to attend Auburn!!

The logos on this quilt are appliqued.  This quilt has been loved for a number of years and one of the appliques has come loose.  Now it is back at Gram's house for repairs.

The label is in the upper center of the quilt back.
I made this label on my computer and ink jet printer.  It has held up pretty well after MANY washings.

I will take it home to its owner and he can use it to snuggle under again!  It thrills me that my family members always love their quilts.



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