Saturday, September 7, 2013


It was really fun to spend a couple hours at the newly opened SPOOL quilt shop.  Maddie Kertay is the owner and brains behind this up and coming new shop.  Her eye for details and her eclectic mix of fabrics, notions, and patterns makes this shop unique and interesting.

This afternoon she invited Rose Hughes, Fiber Artist and Quilt Designer, from Paducah, KY,  to share her new book and a trunk show.  (

A small group of customers gathered around the work table to hear what Rose had to say and to share her quilts.  We were able to touch them and examine her techniques as well as ask questions of the designer.

She showed several examples of the quilts that can be found in her books.


Books by Rose Hughes include: 
 DREAM landscapes
   Exploring embellishments
     Design, Create, and Quilt

These books and other patterns are available on Rose's website page at
You can also find a schedule of her classes and a link for her blog.
On September 21st, Rose will be teaching at Ephemera Paducah.

It was truly an inspirational afternoon at my local quilt shop!!



  1. Ahh Sandi thanks for taking the pics they are great. I sure wish I could have made it but maybe another time. I really do like her style and thanks for pointing Rose in our direction. I am sure some of us will learn from her expertise..

  2. You have some great photos of Rose and her work! Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Kara! I thought you would enjoy it.