Monday, February 13, 2012


This is where I come to play, create, and experience life in my artsy way.  I like to piece intricate patterns in a traditional way:      

Other times I want to do something a little more modern:                                                                    
No matter what style or technique I am using it is always fun.  Well, mostly it is fun.  Occasionally I have to rip something out and start over.  I try not to let that happen too often.

I have a bit of stash      

A guard kitty named KeeKee who is also the official quilt inspector.

     Some projects waiting for attention
And a wonderful old Mercantile Cabinet for my odds and ends of things.  The only place that is neat at this time is my sewing machine area.  That is because I have just finished a project and am starting the next one.  I try to clean between projects. . .

So, now you have seen where I hang out.  Hope you will come back by and see some projects in progress.  I love having you stop by and please leave comments.



  1. I love your studio as much as I love your quilts!

  2. Loved seeing your studio, Sandi. Have a happy valentines day tomorrow.

  3. You are off and running....Wonderful studio and kitty....nice to see you blogging....

  4. Sandy you have a fanstastic place to create. It is soo sunny and bright. And with your smile even on a rainy day. I'm enjoying your journey and Blog. Bren

  5. Just got on and your studio is fabulous. Plenty of room for you and KeeKee to share. Really enjoying looking at your quilts. Judith

  6. Glad you stopped by, Judith. Sign up as a follower and you can be notified when I post since I don't post every day.