Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I love this shirt and I have adopted this as my motto.   You can find it over at Beth Gilbert's site:   

I am headed out to Retreat again this week.  I don't usually go 2 months in a row, but I was given the opportunity --  so what could I say?   YES, YES, YES!!!

I am taking lots of projects with me.  Not sure what I will get finished.  Of course I will be taking this month's WIP with me.

Then  I have others I am working on and some I will start as new projects.

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern "Lady of the Lake".  Maybe I will use it as a leader/ender.

Batiks to make a table runner for my dining room.

Of course, a hand project.  This is a red/white/blue flag wall hanging.  Maybe I will have it ready for next year's Fourth of July.

My version of Espresso Junction.  I am excited to get this project underway.  I want to see how changing to a light colorway will evolve.

Not sure if this is all I will be taking, but at least it is a start.  I may add another project or two.  After all, I have three days to sew, sew, sew.  Lots can happen in three days!



  1. Yeah for you Sandi....I hope you have a wonderful time and I hope to see you soon....

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I hope to see you soon, too!!

  2. Sandi, I am reading this at 4:30 a.m. You put me to shame with all your projects.

    Reading your blog is inspiring to me. Gives me ideas but no way can I handle all like you.

    1. Lucy, I am glad you gain some inspiration from my meanderings.

  3. And you looked awesome in that t-shirt over the weekend!!