Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This post has very little to do with quilting.  Today I was working away in my studio when I saw this huge crane outside my window.  I went to investigate and then spent over an hour watching the crew take down this large, old hickory tree in my neighbor's yard.

This guy in the red shirt was hoisted up by the crane to hook on the pulley and ropes to take the limbs down as the guy in the white shirt would cut them with the chain saw.

Cutting off the first lower branches

Look at all the equipment they brought.

 This guy was amazing and so entertaining.  Look how he is perched in this tree with his arms above his head getting ready to cut.
 More branches are gone and the trunk is about all that is left.
 This is the upper most part of the tree that the crane swung over and stood on end in the street.
The ground crew started feeding the branches through the chipper and the scoop was waiting to pick up the log to put it on the truck.

The first time these crews came to our neighborhood was the night of the really big storm and there was no power.  They were working on another neighbor's tree that had fallen on her house in the dark and rain.

 Here is the guy in the red shirt getting ready to go up again.

 This process went on for a couple of hours.  Send the crane up, saw the branch, bring the branch down, chip it up and repeat.

The tree is now a bare trunk to be cut at the base.

The last trip to the chipper.  Do you see the bare place between the two houses where the tree was?  It is gone....

Well, that was an exciting morning.  Now it is time to have lunch and get back to work.



  1. The process of the tree removal was amazing to view.

    I don't like seeing trees cut down. I hope there was a good reason for doing so.

    Maybe there was and I missed reading about it.

    1. During a recent severe wind/thunder storm a tree and another very large branch snapped and landed on the neighbor's house causing considerable damage. This crew came in the middle of the night while the power was out and worked several hours to get the debris off the house. They have since returned to clean up more of these very old trees. The trees are dying from the inside out and they are hollow core by now. This tree was one of those that posed a real threat to the homeowner.