Monday, July 9, 2012


There is always a debate about whether to wash or not wash fabric before using it in a quilt.  For most of the time I am one of the "not wash" group.  However, when I use some fabrics that I have picked up at a yard sale or a flea market, I always want to wash them.  I like the stiffness and the finish that is evident on new fabric.  The sizing on the fabric makes it easier for me to get good cuts and have less stretch.

After washing fabric, all of the sizing is missing.  To regain that texture and feel,  I started using spray starch.  At first I used regular spray starch until I discovered Faultless MAXX.  I started using it and loved how it worked.   Next came another product called Best Press and I tried it.  I liked it for some projects but it was not strong enough to give the finish I truly wanted.  But it did have this very nice aroma.

  I like the heavy duty stiffness of MAXX and I love the aroma of Best Press.

Both of these products are costly and I use them liberally. I wanted to see if I could find something that would be a little better for my budget. 

I found a "recipe" on line to make my own spray starch.  It called for several ingredients and I decided that I could alter that and come up with something that would work for my projects and have fewer ingredients.  After a good bit of experimenting I found what I was looking for.

I like a pump spray instead of an aerosol spray so I saved my container from MAXX and chose to use it for refills of my "home brew" starch.

I use equal parts of Febreze Extra Strength liquid and Sta-Flo Liquid Starch.  Of course, if you like a less stiff starch you could use less starch and more Febreze.

I get the best qualities of each product:  the heavy starch and the lovely aroma. 
I mix the ingredients well and then pour them into my empty MAXX bottle and I am ready to start my next project.

Making my own starch is so much better for my budget and I just like the feeling of "homemade".



  1. Great idea! I also have that same sta flo starch, its great...but getting a lovely scent from the febreeze is even better! Thanks for the tip!

  2. An innovative solution to more expensive starch.

    I will try your recipe on the rest of the quilt squares that I showed you, the ones made by my grandmother.

    Remember the Faultless Starch? It came in a box in powder form, rather like cornstarch.