Sunday, July 1, 2012


Contemporary Dresden Plate Quilt

On the first day of June, I had my DH choose a slip of paper from the bowl of all of these WIPs (Works in Progress).  This would be the project for the month to have finished by June 30.

The number he chose was #1 and this corresponded to the list in my binder.

#1 on the list was Dresden Plate.  I started working on it.

I took it with me to Retreat with my quilty buddies.

I worked on it diligently until I had the top finished.
I brought it home and started working on the back.  I wanted to use up all my 30s scraps.
I had some components left from making the Dresden Plates that I wanted to use up so I made the label from these.  The label tells the observer that this quilt was started two years ago with my friend, Linda Meck, who completed hers that first summer.

The original traditional pattern I started with called for 30 blocks to be set in straight set with sashing and 9-patch cornerstones.  After I made 15 of the Plate blocks, I decided I was finished with making Dresden Plates.
I still had all of the white squares that I cut to put the appliques on.  It seemed to me that I could use those and the 15 completed blocks I had and get that top finished.
I chose to set these on point simply to gain the extra inches to make the quilt a good sized twin.

I still had fabric left.  Since I had given up on a traditional setting I began to play with strata strips to make the borders.  I opted for borders only on 3 sides and one of those was one-third the width of the other two.
I liked all of the negative space that was left on this quilt.
It is quilted in an overall side to side pattern in medium density.
It is great to be able to say that the June WIP is now complete!!!



  1. The Dresden Plate pattern is a lovely one. I like that you gave yourself the freedom to be creative with it. It turned out beautifully. I want to see it.


    1. You are welcome to come see my quilts anytime, Lucy!

  2. Hi Sandi, so nice to find your blog. Love the Dresden plate quilt and you unique setting. A dresden plate is on my list :)

    1. Thanks, Rhoda. I am so glad you found my blog. I hope you will continue to stop by.
      Dresden had been on my list for awhile and I wanted to use 30s fabrics for it. It is nice to mark it off the "bucket" list. I have many more on that list.

  3. Sandi it is gives me incentive to start working on mine again.....I have so many wip's it is not even funny Hope to see u soon.....

    1. Sharon, I have a lot of them too. I knew I needed to get going or I would never finish anything. Maybe we could encourage each other to finish our WIPs.