Saturday, April 6, 2013


Homework for first week of Art Quilt Class was to make some slice and insert blocks.  What is fun about a class like this is that you are given very general directions and you can take it where you want to go.

I showed my palette in an earlier post, but I think I will add it here again so you can see what I am working with.

The focus fabric, which is the background, is a woven fabric and the coordinating fabrics are batiks.  There is so much energy in the focus piece.
Our directions for this week were to make 7 blocks using the slash and insert technique that was demonstrated in class.

The finished blocks measure 6".  The inserts should finish at 1/2".  There are no specific directions for just how to locate the inserts within the block.  I could choose to cross them or not; I could put in one or two or more; and I could choose the pairings of the fabrics.  I love this technique and want to use it in the future for a bigger project.
I used a directional fabric for my focus fabric and it was not really difficult to slash it and re-sew with the additions.  I thought I might have a little problem, but it worked like a dream!

There seems to be enough shift in the swirls that it "appears" to match back after the strips are added.

I want to make my piece a little larger than the teacher's sample size so I made 10 blocks instead of only 7.  I may need to make more later.  Will just wait to see.

I can hardly wait to do the other blocks.  They are "wonky" log cabin style blocks.


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