Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, really my birthday was on Monday and I was one-year-old but my mom was out of town so we had to wait to celebrate until she came home.  I wanted to wait 'cause I knew she would make it special for me!

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you this is LilBit and I am writing on my mom's blog AGAIN.  But I have lots to tell you.

First of all I came to live with my mom and papa when I was very tiny - only 1.5 lbs. and Papa could hold me in the palm of his hand.  I was snuggly and wiggly, but so happy to come to live with them.

See how tiny I am.  Well, everything is tiny except my head and it's big 'cause I am so smart and I have to have room for my big brain. 
I told Mom not to take pictures of me in that pose again.  It is not flattering at all!
This was my little quilt with my favorite toy, my Snoopy dog.  I used to sleep with it every night, but then one day I chewed off his ear and Mom said he went away to live somewhere else.

But Miss Sharon brought me this neat purple pig and I love her!!  I like to play fetch with Mom and Papa after they have dinner at night. 

The groomer thought I needed to wear a hair bow and a collar.  Well, I don't like hair bows and that collar is uncomfortable.
Now I wear a harness and let my hair fly loose.
Papa brought this Harley home for me.  It is just my size.
Want to hear a secret?  That is not a puppy harness.  Nope, it is called a running vest for ferrets.  Well, it fits me perfectly.  I feel very safe when I wear it and my mommy lets me walk on that long leash.   We take lots of walks when it isn't raining or too cold. 

And, sometimes, my mom carries me in this neat carrier that my papa brought to me.

Isn't this just super neat?  When I ride in the car Mom says I have to ride inside this and she hooks up the seat belt to hold it in place so I don't fall out or get hurt.  So I usually just take a nap until we get where we are going.

That's my lunch box with my food and my water glass that we take when we go for long trips.
It is Scooby-Doo!!!  I think I love him!  He is so handsome!!

 My papa brought it home to me from a Yard Sale. 
Ooh!  I like Yard Sales.  I will tell you about going to Yard Sales later.  I have some neat things that I got there.
Uh-oh, here comes my mom --  gotta go!



  1. Dear LilBit, you are one very lucky little girl.. when I hear your mommy talk about you I know how much she loves you and how much you have brought to her life.. keep being good you sweet little thing!

    1. thank you, Miss Maddie! I will try!

  2. Well you are very much loved nice to know that you make Mama and Papa proud....

  3. Hoss says "Happy Birthday, cuz (or sister, or aunt or whatever you are to me!)
    Miss you and I hope we can get together soon! we have so much fun when you come to my house!

    1. I miss you too, Hoss. Mom says I will get to see you before too long! Get ready because I am bigger now and we can play longer.

  4. Happy Barkday! Sorry we made you pee in our mama's hand. We meant no harm.

    Spencer and Scout

    1. Thanks, Spencer and Scout. I really liked you, but you were really big guys!

  5. Happy Birthday LilBit! You are just the cutest...but I bet you know that already. Your Mama and Papa are just the luckiest to have you (but I bet you know that Too!!!).