Wednesday, April 24, 2013



I absolutely love my town!!!  This is an incredibly gorgeous aerial view of the Bluff View Art District, the Tennessee River and Williams Island with the Pedestrian Bridge in the background.

Today I was playing Tilly the Tourist and seeing my town riding the Electric Shuttle which has a route to take visitors and locals alike from the Southside through City Center to the Aquarium.  It also travels to the North Shore.  What an easy way to get around our city!!!  I met tourists from Boston and Canada.  What fun it was to ask them why they chose our town for a visit. 

Their answer?  "It is so beautiful here!  And the people are so friendly!  Our shuttle driver gave us a commentary of the sights we were seeing as we rode to dinner last night." 

That made me smile.  Love Southern hospitality!!

I love seeing runners on the sidewalks and the sidewalk café tables.

The street marker post banners are changed on a regular basis. 

Although Chattanooga is my home town, I lived away for many years.  While I was away I often thought about those things that I missed.

Here is my rendition of "Dreaming of Home".  This quilt is paper pieced row by row and hand quilted.

The first row has the beautiful sun in a summer blue sky.

Row Two includes Flying Geese over the mountains. 
This row shows the deciduous trees in the three seasons before they lose their leaves and the evergreen tree that reminds me of the only color left in the winter time landscape.

No quilt about home would be complete without fish.  We have the river;  and I grew up spending time on Chickamauga Lake. Of course, I cannot leave out the plants here.  There are so many native flowers in this area so I chose to put those in my last row.

I spent a lot of time hand quilting this piece and while I did that I thought about home, family, and friends. 

So, I guess, this could be called a story quilt.  In this full picture you can see the mountains in Row 2 and my little house in the woods on Row 3.

And my label . . .

says that it was made in 2004.  Cannot believe that was almost 10 years ago.
Lil Bit likes it.  She would not get off of it so I could get the pics.  I had to bribe her with a treat!! 
I am so excited that the American Quilter's Society Quilt Week is coming to our town for three consecutive years starting in 2014.  Just wait until these quilters see our town.  I know they will find lots of things to give them quilt ideas and inspiration!!




  1. You are hired! great promo of Chattanooga.

  2. Beautiful! I love your trunk shows. Give us more!

  3. love that you hand quilt..between you, the AQS and Mary K. Chattanooga is sure to be packed!!!!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Hope we bring in ALL the quilters!

  4. Wonderful story quilt Sandi, I am still trying to find out how you have time to do all that you do and still make time for friends....have a great day Ms Sandi...

    1. It is a simple answer: I need my friends. Thanks, Sharon, I am glad you stop by to see what I have to say.