Monday, March 12, 2012


In January I decided I wanted to start a Hexie quilt.  I did not want to do a traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. 
Bonnie Hunter ( inspired me to try making a star pattern.
I wanted to use some bright colors and modern fabric. I searched my stash and found these fabrics.  Most of them I had selected from the Sale Section at my LQS. 

 The bright green and the red would be the supporting fabrics for the two focus fabrics with all the colors.  The prints will be used the most because they are the background fabrics that make the frames for the rest of the hexies.

So I cut some squares that I would then cut off the corners to use as my hexies with the templates.  I have mylar 1" templates that I find to be very easy to use.

I began making lots of these hexies before I started my assembly.  I had drawn a pattern on graph paper that I would be attempting to follow.

I have been working steadily now for two and a half months through these stages

added two star points

only one more star point to go

center for first outer ring

All six star points and the first outer section
I will continue to work on it as my TV viewing project.  I don't know how big it will be and I don't know how long I will enjoy working on it.  It might also depend on how far my fabric goes as to when I stop.
I will come back to the Hexies from time to time and post my progress.  


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