Saturday, March 17, 2012


I would like to share with you how I designed and constructed this little wall hanging.

I started by making a string-pieced background out of neutral fabrics.  The "strings" were of varying widths. 
I used pages from an old telephone book as my foundation to string piece blocks that were about 11" square.  I cut them apart on the diagonal and used four of the Diagonal Triangles to make the blocks for the background.  I squared them up to 10 inches.  All measurements are given in finished sizes.

I made the "new" fabric for the Shamrocks by sewing together 2" squares until I had a piece about 24" square.

My templates came from a pack of cardboard shamrock hang-ups from the dollar store.  I traced around each template I wanted to use on the wrong side of the new "fabric" I had made.  I left about a half inch all the way around when I cut them out.  This allowed me enough fabric to turn under the edges. I did use spray starch and ironed the edges under so that I could more easily machine applique them to my background.

Assemble the variety of shamrocks in a pleasing order as you like them.

The borders were added next.  The first border is 3" wide.  I chose one green fabric for this.  You could use more if you wanted.    

                                                                                                              The middle border is made up of 3" Half-Square Triangles.   In each corner is a 3" square.

I chose to piece the outer border with 1 1/2" strips cut at random lengths.  I did two rows of these and added Half-Square Triangles in the corners.

I hope you will make one of these.  Add your personal style.  This is just an idea.
If you make one, please share it with me.  I would love to see what someone else does with my idea.


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  1. Sandi I just loved this the first time I saw you post it! Thanks for the tutorial...I even have those same shamrocks from the Dollar Store..haha..would love to give this a try for next year!