Friday, March 9, 2012


"I became myself through many things but one was the endless conversations with my best women friends". -anonymous

I live in a very small neighborhood nestled in the woods at the foot of Signal Mountain in Southeast Tennessee.  Ever since I moved here about 12 years ago we have had a wonderful fellowship with our neighbors.  When we first came here I started inviting the women in my neighborhood to come for a cup of soup or a salad lunch about once a month.  Then we started taking turns and each person invited us to her home and we would eat and chat.
As time has gone on we have evolved into a small group of us ranging from 5-10 women and we choose to go out to eat instead of preparing a meal at home.

Today was Lunch Bunch Friday and we went to a small Irish pub downtown called Honest Pint.
Just look at these old doors.  I love this bay window with the memorabilia.

Here come my friends now.

We ordered Reuben sandwiches, Home-made Pimento Cheese sandwich, and Burgers all seasoned with a special Irish flavor.  Of course, we had pub chips.
What a fun, fun afternoon it was.



  1. Ohhh it looks like a perfect place for a luncheon.....

    1. It is a really fun place. Maybe SLS could go there one day for lunch after our SewDay.