Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In an earlier post I showed the blocks I was working on for this wall hanging.  I did not know just exactly how I wanted to put it all together.  Sashing, no sashing, cornerstones, no cornerstones.
It is unusual for me to work in pastels.  This presented some challenge for me. 
I love bright colors and great contrast.  Working with this palette was neither of those.

I finally made my choices and this is the little spring wall hanging.

I decided it needed sashing between the blocks.  Then I added the prairie points around the edges and finished it off with 4-Patch Blocks as cornerstones. 
I have grown to like the softness of this color palette as it has reached completion. 

I will quilt it on my domestic machine.  Not sure of the pattern yet.
Add a hanging sleeve and my label, then up on my wall over my fireplace to welcome spring.

I named it "Houses on my Block" because the components in the two small borders around the central blocks looked like little houses.


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