Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This sign says "Happy Birthday".  On this day in 2003 a special baby came into our lives and has become a nine-year-old boy that we all love very much.  He has lots of energy and a great sense of humor.  He is so much fun to be with.  We love to watch him wrestle and watch him jump on his trampoline.  He is a very good student and he brings joy to all of us.

Today I went down to have lunch at school with him and to share some time with two of his friends, Evan and Jackson.  What a trio!!!
I arrived at school near noon.
I love going into elementary schools. 
The hallways are always so colorful and bright.  This butterfly made me smile.

Look at these frogs that Nick and his classmates made in Art Class.  And you know how much I love frogs.

The Third Grade Hallway was covered with  student work.

Nick ordered me a Deli Plate lunch.  I had a ham roll up, carrot sticks, Dorito Chips, and an apple.

 After we ate our lunch I walked back to the classroom with Nick

Here is Nick sitting at his desk.

And this is Mrs. Marshall, Nick's teacher.

What a fun lunch break!!!  Driving five hours round-trip is well worth seeing this smiling face!!!!!

I LOVE YOU . . .



  1. Nick was so glad you were there! I know it is a long drive but it means so much to him! love you grammy!

  2. Sandi
    Your ideas for my grandmother's quilt squares inspired me. I want to do nothing but play with them, plan to use them, make schedule for doing so.

    1. What would you do without KeeKee to try out your latest quilting project? What a cat.
    2. I am looking for KeeKee and Friday breakfast time on your blog.

    Harry Potter
    You do not have this book on your reading list. What's up? Nick will be quizzing you to see if you know the plot and character names. Better get busy.

  3. Oh Lucy, thank you so much for your comments. I will have to get on the Friday brekfast time blog idea. That means I have to get up as early as they do. LOL

    You are rght, I do need to add Harry Potter to my reading list. However, if I do that, I will have to be more accountable than I am already. LOL