Sunday, March 11, 2012


Winter in our part of the country leaves the landscape looking rather drab and dull because we have all the deciduous plants/shrubs/trees without foliage.  We don't get enough snow, and if we get snow, it doesn't last long enough, to cover the "bones" of our gardens to turn them into sculptures.  So I am always excited to see spring begin to peep out of the brown.  I took a walk in my gardens this morning and this is what I saw.
View of the lake and walking path from my back deck
The Yellow Twig Dogwood showing off
Pussy Willow and Redbud

The saucer Magnolia has really filled out with blossoms in the last week and the Winter Hazel is loaded with gorgeous yellow blossoms.

And the honeysuckle - - here it is with its first bloom of the season.  Poor thing is so confused by this weather.

Not everything to see in the garden is "up".  The groundcovers are busy too.  The Lenten Rose are so profuse this year and the tiny Muscari Grape Hyacinths are standing as tall as possible.

The hillside is covered with perwinkle and it is not disappointing in showing its true color.  The blue is rich and luscious this time of year.

This view of the side garden sums it all up.

The evergreens are standing sentinel until everything blooms out and then they will blend into the total landscape picture.  In the meantime they are "still in charge".



  1. It is ALMOST like being there! Beautiful shots. Wish we were there to enjoy it in person!

    1. I wish you were here too!! We miss you guys. What if I promised you lunch on the deck with all the fixin's, would you come then? :-)

    2. Shoot... I'd come for vanilla wafers and peanut butter!

    3. I will buy two extra boxes and we will do this soon!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Since we are redoing everything over here I just look at what the neighbors have. Wonderful show of spring.