Friday, March 2, 2012

Expecting Serenity in the Spring Ponds ---NOT

I have often been asked where the name "Frogpond Studio" originated.
Several years ago my husband and I built our "dream home"  on about 5 acres of land.  We sat in the middle of the woods with our nearest neighbors well out of sight. 

 There was a wetlands on part of the land and we decided to make a pond/pool out of it.  We began working on that and as soon as the spring rains came, along came the frogs too.
It was a cacophony that could be deafening when they all went into chorus.  I decided to open a teaching studio in part of our home and needed to name it to get my business license and so "Frogpond Studio" was born.

I have continued to use that name all these years.  When we built our current home, we put in some koi/goldfish ponds with stream beds down the steep hillside of our back yard.  Yep, the frogs came. 

For the last two evenings we have had the beautiful sound of the flowing water down the stream beds accompanied by the Spring Peepers.  The bull frogs will come a little later and then it will be really loud.

Serenity will come after the mating season.  Then we will have ponds full of little tadpoles along with our fish.  A couple of bull frogs will stay with us all summer and then the dragonflies will flitter about and the butterflies and birds will enjoy the water in the stream beds.
I just had to show you at least one quilt!



  1. Oh this is so pretty....I love it..

    1. Sani this is beautiful. You are so blessed. And I love the Frog pond name and pics. Love

    2. Thanks, Bren. You need to come back and visit with me in my backyard.